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WZOLETM --- Wei Zhong Oriental Language Environment

Do you want to process Chinese/Japanese/Korean information on your Linux PC or application server running SCO OpenServer 5? WZOLE is the package you should look for: it provides a fast and reliable color CJK Terminal emulator which supports Chinese, Japanese and Korean input/output on your UNIX machine's virtual screens of VGA/SVGA console. It consumes much less resources than X Window/cxterm, yet it provides much better smooth display performance (which makes your eye more comfortable) than any other CJK terminal emulator (running on PC platform) you could find now. And it can simulate SCO ansi terminal. Simply, it is the best!

For input methods, WZOLE supports "内码", "分区", "易拼", "简拼", "双拼" and "仓吉". User could also decide to enable "五笔" when needed. There are nice features to help user to use various input method, for example, when there are more choices than current list, two nice symbols gives user a guide; all Chinese input methods are "联想" enabled; except "内码" and "分区", all Chinese input methods are phrase-capable; user can decide whether they want "联想" or not, "带词组" or not, "输入提示" or not; when in CJK input mode, user can input ASCII characters without need to switch to ASCII mode, etc.

WZOLE supports a large subset of ANSI X3.64 terminal attributes ( including color, bold, reverse and underline ) and control command set. Because user can run it when he/she need it and it can coexist with non-Chinese virtual screen on the same console in the same time, it's very suitable for application server; With the best efficiency in CPU and Memory utilization, its CJK Terminal emulator is definitely the best one for application server.

In multi-user environment, running CJK application on server with display to Linux PC running WZOLE could provide best performance, and it gives your old PC with a new life. A low end PC running WZOLE for Linux can give you much more benefits than a dump CJK terminal: it's faster, it's more flexible, it gives you the ability to have multiple CJK terminals simultaneously, it contains more phrases, it gives you the compatibility with WZOLE on server. With WZOLE both on server and client, it is the most efficient way you could utilize ANSI terminal's video and color attributes for sure that you will get the same look&feel on both application server and your desktop. All these make it the best Chinese platform for financial institution, travel agency, stock exchange agency, money changer, airport, etc.

Where to get it?

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