wzshSDK is a powerful Linux executable script program encryption/license protection software package. It can be used to encrypt sh scripts, ksh scripts, bash scripts, and even ruby scripts. And it can make your script program license protected.
It is easy to use and provides much stronger and better encryption/protection for your script programs than other software currently available.

How to use wzshSDK to encrypt my script program?

You don't need to change your script program for it to be protected. Just run

wzshsec [-c] [-l] your-script > protected-script

How strong can wzshSDK protect my script program?

First, wzshSDK uses modern crypto algorithm to provide a strong encryption for your script.

Second, for a machine to be able to run your protected script, it must have wzsh runtime environment installed, a license (if you used -l option) for your protected script exists in /usr/local/etc/wzshapp.lic file, and the interpreter for your script on the machine must have a certificate (if you used -c option) issued by you existing in /usr/local/etc/wzcert/wzsh file.
Without a valid license issued by you, others will not be able to run your protected program.

With certificate verification by wzsh runtime, others will be very very difficult to use a fake or modified interpreter to capture your decrypted script.

Third, wzsh runtime has a builtin mechanism to make protected programs not vulnerable to temp-watch attack.

The wzsh runtime also provides much stronger protection from system call trace attack, .profile or other RC file assisted debugging attack, etc.

However, please remember there is no absolutely secure way to protect script programs. wzshSDK is not perfect, but it is the best one you can find today.